Meeting with BCPC Members: Children in Hazardous Work: Locating their Place in Governance

Meeting with BCPC Members: Children in Hazardous Work: Locating their Place in Governance

Kaugmaon organized the Meeting with the BCPC Members last May 22, 2013 at Grand Men Seng Hotel, Davao City not to orient the members of the BCPC but to revisit the plans of the BCPCs and recognizes their successes and difficulties. Kaugmaon acknowledges the fact that BCPC of barangays Callawa, Tibungco, Ilang and Panacan already have their plans and structures, and they even have successes in implementing their programs and projects in their respective communities to address child labor problems. However Kaugmaon also recognizes that the following BCPCs also experiencing challenges and difficulties in implementing their plans and projects, especially that they lack support from local government units and from other concerned agencies.

The meeting was also organized to ensure that the issues confronted by the child laborers and their families are being acted upon in the plans of the BCPCs; and to draw the general terms of partnership and  coordination between and among Kaugmaon, the organized child laborers and parents and their barangay leaders.

The meeting was well attended by various BCPC members and barangay officials of the four Barangays from the 2nd District: Brgy. Callawa, Brgy. Tibungco, Brgy. Panacan, and Brgy. Ilang.

Mr. Bernando Mondragon from ACT for the Children Alliance discussed the Challenges to Child Rights on the Issue of Child Labor.bcpc7

Dir. Merilo Limbaro of Department of Interior and Local Government – Davao City was also around in the meeting. He extended his appreciation to Kaugmaon who initiated the effort of convening the BCPC, and encourages all the BCPC members as well as the Barangay Officials to become active leaders and members in dealing child labor concerns and to provide activities that will educate parents about the drawbacks of allowing their children to work at an early age, and also to provide projects that will uplift children’s morale. 

Ms. Grace Frias RSW representative from the City Social Services and Development Office articulated its commitment to continue to make Dbcpcavao City as a Child-friendly City and Child-labor free communities. Ms. Frias gives emphasis that the issue of child labor should be addressed at the community level, thus CSSDO will consistently partner with BCPC who are the grass root arm child protection of the organization. Ms. Grace also pointed out that there is indeed a need to strengthen, activate, and make BCPC functional – not a BCPC in paper, but BCPC in action.

Before this meeting children were able to craft a call as response to children issues in the barangay,  during this meeting children presented this before the members of the BCPC. This part was called “In their Own Eyes”; presenter were Japeth Ruiz from Barangay Panacan, Ma. Victoria Lanterna from Tibungco, Justine Jaalain of Ilang, and Nadia Sabroso of Callawa.bcpc3

There was a planning workshop after the presentation and the call of the children were taken into consideration.

The activity ended with hope that the plans will be successfully implemented.


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