Children Express their Calls through Visual Arts

Children Express their Calls through Visual Arts

Children express their campaign calls as solutions to child labor issues through visual arts. Children identified solutions to be presented to the village leaders during meetings. These calls are also discuss during the advocacy activities with the media.





  1. Education is the major concern of the children. Children called for a free education for all from grade school to college. Most of families in their community are below the poverty threshold and so cannot afford sending their children to school. Some of them asked for scholarship programs.
  2. Health. Participants wanted health centre, clinics and hospitals within or near their barangays that caters free or at least affordable health services.
  3. Livelihood Programs and Job Opportunities. The participants wanted to address the joblessness of parents in their community. Children called for job opportunities for their parents so they can support their family without sending their children to hazardous work. Farmers should be supported with fertilizers and irrigation system, and livelihood programs be granted to each barangay depending on the resources needed.
  4. Infrastructure. Children wanted beneficial projects from the government especially in infrastructures. They wanted concrete roads especially in areas where vehicles are difficult to pass and dusty. They propose for a housing program for those who cannot afford to build their own houses. Participants also wanted water system for the residential areas and irrigation system for the farmers. Two groups highlighted parks and playgrounds in their barangay for families to be able to bond without spending a lot of money and for children to focus on recreational activities rather than using drugs.
  5. Drugs. Numbers of youths dozed in drugs are continually increasing. Participants call for the government to feel the urgency to act on this issue and stop drug dealings not only in their barangays but everywhere. Minimize the damage done in the lives of the children by strictly implementing rules against drugs and catching the dealers and pushers. This issue is connected to security issues in each barangay. Children should be protected from people who cause harm to them by assigning authorized people to secure the area.
  6. Child Protection. Each barangay should follow and implement laws that protect the children. Barangay Council for the Protection of Children should include larger number of children especially those who are in hazardous work. One group of children called to stop bullying for it causes trauma and low self-esteem to children being bullied.
  7. Environmental Issues. Children participants called to stop illegal logging and dynamite fishing. As residents in the coast, one of their sources of living is through fishing and using dynamite to catch fish is a huge destruction to the seas and creatures living in it,





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