About Us

About Us

Kaugmaon for Children’s Rights and Social Development, Inc . is a child rights organization that commits to facilitate and provide better means and opportunities for marginalized children and young people, and recognizes their role in social transformation. The term “kaugmaon”, which is a Visayan word for “future”, is a text that succinctly conveys the organization’s aim of building a future for these children despite their difficult circumstances by promoting their rights in a platform of empowerment, skills enhancement and policy advocacy.

Founded in 1984 by a group of advocates that included Maryknoll missionaries and social worker and community leaders, Kaugmaon solidly started with an early childhood care and development (ECCD) program that targeted children in worker-communities. For several years, parents saw their young children acquired the capacity to learn literacy and develop socialization skills through creative plays. Kaugmaon had successfully maintained day care centers in Isla Verde, Panacan, Sasa and Tibungco. Through this program, Kaugmaon made its mark as an internationally-supported organization dedicated to inculcate appreciation for learning among poor communities and enabled child care support for daily-wage earners. Despite the funding constraints that Kaugmaon faced to sustain ECCD program, with partnership with the local government unit, ECCD program in Panacan is still operating up to now.

Looking back, Kaugmaon’s ECCD program evolved to accommodate older children engaged in hazardous forms of labor in ports and public markets. The evolution commenced Kaugmaon’s gear-shift, anchoring itself in the child labor issue and learning the ropes on how to effectively respond to the sector’s specific needs. Along with this program expansion with intention to cater the needs of older children was the implementation of adolescent reproductive health projects. The organization has since centered its interventions on child rights and the interests of child laborers through building a constituency that will put forward strong policy advocacy in the communities.

For almost three decades now, Kaugmaon has seen challenging times in the name of child rights advancement. With sharp changes in the development arena in terms of aid priorities, confronting these changes dictates constantly re-setting its sails, yet at the same time, remaining steadfast in its commitment to push for children’s rights agenda in its partner communities. Organizational evolution is a painstakingly learning process, and Kaugmaon continues to embrace and define this process with the rights of children at heart.

Vision: Kaugmaon envisions a society respectful of children’s rights.

Mission: Kaugmaon works for the protection of children in hazardous work in Mindanao.


  1. Enhance lifeskills of children
  2. Facilitate community-based constituency for children’s rights
  3. Facilitate favourable policy environment for children’s rights
  4. Establish broad support for children in hazardous work

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